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Sci-Fi London
Sci-Fi London

Member's Websites

Victoria's Happy Doctors

Ed's DVD-Drome
Ed's DVD reviews

Dark Stories
Kelly's Original Fiction and Book Reviews

Cheyenne Mountain
Caz's Stargate Website

UK Mutant X
Caz's Mutant X Website

Associated Groups

Laser Tag and Live Action Role Play
Information and Forum

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Other Sci-Fi Clubs and Meetups


Sci-Fi club based in Hampshire and Berkshire

Beer and Blake's 7 Meetup
Beer and Blake's 7 Meetup

USS Pendragon
USS Pendragon
Southampton based Sci-Fi fan club

The Official Peterborough Science Fiction club UK

ZZ9 Plural Z alpha
ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha
The Official HitchHiker's Guide
To The Galaxy Appreciation society

Starbase 24, home of the Federation/Klingon Rapid Response Fleet
Starbase 24
Home of the Federation/Klingon
Rapid Response Fleet.
Organisers of the Klingon Banquet

The Unmutual, The Prisoner news website
The Unmutual
The Prisoner news website

Glasgow Who
The Home of The Glasgow Doctor Who Society

The Mind Robbers
DWAS affiliated Gloucestershire Doctor Who Local Group

Norwich Sci-Fi Club
Norwich Sci-Fi Club"
A group of individuals who through their love
of Sci Fi, Film and Fantasy help to raise funds for charity

The Royal Air Force Sy-Fy & Trek Association

N-zed sci-fi North East
SF and Gaming Club
Based in Newcastle

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Other Clubs

South London Warlords
The South London Warlords
Wargames club and organisers of Salute
the biggest and most prestigious wargames show in the UK


The newsletter for fans of the Cult TV series

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