The first 10 Doctors Quiz

Q1 How many stories comprised of William Hartnell's first series?

Q2 Which story first introduced the Sonic Screwdriver?

Q3 Which 3rd Doctor Dalek story was not written by Terry Nation?

Q4 From what creature is the drug Vraxion made?

Q5 In "The Kings Demons" which king was Kamelion disguised as?

Q6 Who played the governor in "Vengeance on Varos"?

Q7 In which year is "Remembrance of the Daleks" set?

Q8 In "Doctor Who" the 8th doctor tv movie. Which opera does Grace go the see?

Q9 "New Mayor, New Cardiff" is a newspaper headline from which story?

Q10 What is the title of the story set between "The Doctors Daughter" and "Silence in the Library"?