Born in 1952

    1. Mary McDonnell has twice played alongside a non-human named Boomer; who were they?

    2. Actor who also starred in Independence Day and Jurassic Park

    3. Actor who played the baddie in Iron Man 2

    4. Name the actress who ran with Logan

    5. Name the actor who played The One That Was

    6. Which actor in 1989 was awarded "Most Popular and Best Selling Artist of the Year" in Germany?

    7. Name the two Star Trek, Next Generation actors who's characters both had a relationship with Deana Troi.

    8. Terry O Quinn played John Locke in Lost but what was the name he assumed after leaving the Island?

    9. Who said, regarding some rumors saying that he "felt like a puppet while working on "Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace "That's simply not true" and that he had "absolutely no misgivings" about being in "Star Wars," adding that Lucas was "very good" to work with. "He was clear about what he wanted."

    10. Which author is best known for his Mars trilogy?