After Firefly

Name the Firefly Actor, the series they appeared in and the name of the character they played

(The first 11 questions are the nine main cast members plus two guest stars)

  1. Vala's half human/half alien child.

  2. Best selling author turned detective

  3. Human doctor on an ancient base in another galaxy

  4. Guest starred in an episode of this show with the person in the previous question. The character's name is the same as someone who had Firefly in their room mate agreement!

  5. Russia ex-soviet agent genetically transformed into a double of the main character

  6. Deadly protector

  7. Character in an action role-playing open world video game.

  8. Representative of the senior partners

  9. Rogue Doll

  10. Played "Young Simon" then became a Wildcat!

  11. Before and after Firefly she played a character that also provided a "special service" to her clients!

  12. In which miniseries pilot did Serenity have a cameo appearance?