Alternate, Pocket, Mirror, other universe etc

  1. Name the three Doctor Who stories that make up the E-Space trilogy?
  2. In which original Star Trek story do we see Spock baring a goatee beard?
  3. Which book is set in London Below?
  4. In the Land of the Lost what type of creatures do the Marshalls encounter?
  5. Name the original 4 Sliders
  6. In which film does Arnold Schwartzenegger play Hamlet?
  7. Which series from 2005 utilises the idea of a multiverse where the main character is thrown from Alphaverse into Betaverse?
  8. Which film does Jet-Li play a villain who is travelling around to the various universes killing all the alternate versions of himself so he'll have all the power that would otherwise be spread out between them?
  9. Which anthology of nine short animated films explains the backstory to the Matrix?
  10. In Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, California was founded by which country rather than the Spanish?