He's Dead Jim! - or maybe not?

In Sci-Fi death is not always the end! Identify these characters whose death or disappearance was not the last we heard of them.

  1. His "deaths" include being killed by a staff weapon, radiation poisoning and crushed by a rockslide.
  2. She sacrificed herself for her sister, who wasn't really her sister, and was brought back to life by a witch.
  3. His experimental space capsule disappeared into a wormhole and he was lost in the uncharted territories.
  4. He was run over by a car and thought he'd been transported back to 1973.
  5. While working as a pizza delivery boy he was cryogenically frozen on New Year's Eve.
  6. Though killed in a burning pit of molten lead, she was cloned and brought back to life.
  7. While working undercover he was shot and almost killed, but he was saved by The Knight Foundation, given plastic surgery, a talking car and a whole new identity.
  8. Who was killed by the Daleks and brought back to life by Rose?
  9. He fell but came back to live another 20 Years
  10. By what name is Paul Metcalfe usually known?