Doctor Who Quiz

  1. In which year did Dr Who begin?

  2. Which publication does Sarah Jane Smith work for?

  3. What was the 100th story to be broadcast?

  4. Which story did Roger Delgado's wife provide her voice?

  5. What was the name of the UNIT captain played by Paul Darrow?

  6. In the The Massacre of St. Bartholomew's Eve. Which French king was on the throne?

  7. In the Dr who TV movie. Which opera does Grace go to see?

  8. Michael Sheard made his first appearance in which story

  9. In Enlightenment. What is the name of Captain Striker's ship?

  10. In Vengeance on Varos, Who played the governor?

  11. Stories have production codes. So can you tell me which stories have the following code?
    A, AA, AAA, 4a, 5a, 6a, 7a

  12. What were the names of the three terrorists who travelled back in time to assassinate Sir Reginald Styles?

  13. Apart from the Doctor. Name the Unit members that have appeared in more than one televised story.

  14. Name the three stories that Douglas Adams Wrote

  15. What are the two individual episodes names for the story the edge of Destruction?

  16. Name the actors who played the Doctor in the curse of the fatal death, and in order

  17. By what names do the Doctor and his companions call themselves in the Gunfighters?

  18. Which three symbols of power worn by the President of the Time Lords?

  19. In Paradise Towers, there are groups of youths known as Kangs. Which three 3 groups are seen?

  20. What were the 6 pieces of the key to time disguised as?