Firefly Quiz

  1. On which planet did the Battle of Serenity Valley take place?

  2. What species are the plastic dinosaurs Wash is playing with?

  3. On which moon is the Canton factory settlement?

  4. Where was Inara born?

  5. What's the name of the hospital on Ariel?

  6. Where was Simon naked?

  7. What is a Grizwald ?

  8. Where was Serenity headed after taking on passengers at Persephone?

  9. Which part did Kaylee want to replace while they were in Persephone?

  10. Which Ship did they get the part from when the catalyzer on it did fail?

  11. What does Mal tell Simon, Jayne's Job is?

  12. Where was Mal's momma's ranch?

  13. What was disease was treated with Pasceline D?

  14. Where were the group of families out of Bernadette due to touch down?

  15. Where did Mal and Jayne fight the slaver Wright?

  16. Where was Shepherd Book from?

  17. Where was Serentity supposed to be on.October 24th?

  18. Wash estimated the trip to Greenleaf would take the better part of a week by the creative route, how long should it take?

  19. What's the name of the docks on Persephone?

  20. How did Mal know it was Simon's birthday?

  21. What did Saffron call herself when she married Monty?

  22. What's the name of the fourth moon on Athens?

  23. Where did River and Simon find the Hodgeberry bushes?

  24. Who had been trying to get Wash on his crew for a month?