About LOTNA Quiz

How well do you know LOTNA?

  1. At the Cult TV convention in 2004 what did LOTNA dress up as? And which character was Dave?
  2. What are the names of LOTNA's two films?
  3. Who has been our "Harry Potter" twice on the LOTNA calendar?
  4. LOTNA first met at The Horseshoe Inn, what was it called in Ashes to Ashes?
  5. Who designed Lottie, The LOTNA logo?
  6. Around which museum did we have a treasure hunt in 2010?
  7. Which website regularly features LOTNA meet-ups in it's "Week in Geek"?
  8. Which theme park was a destination for early LOTNA Away Teams?
  9. In which episode of Doctor Who was Gail an extra?
  10. What was the name of the magazine Tony produced with help from LOTNA members until 2007?