Maths Questions

  1. If Y= Babylon +Blake and 2Y=X what is X?

  2. Y = Odyssey the show+ Wrath of Khan and Z = Meaning of life and Y+Z =X what is X?

  3. If twelve Gungans get on an automated shuttle and at the first port 5 get off and 7 get on and at the second port 9 get off and 15 get on how many gungans can you blow up in the name of the emperor by destroying the shuttle?

  4. Given that Serenity has just pulled a job and earned 12000 credits. Jayne gets 5% of the takings and he sends half of that to his mother. How much money will Jayne’s mum receive?

  5. 100 Cylons raiders attack the human fleet. If Starbuck hits her target 5% of the time and she fires 160 times how many Cylons would be left.

  6. If the Enterprise's shields are at 50 % of there full 50-megajoul power. And three Romulan War birds are firing disrupters every 3 seconds at ¾ of their 20 megajoul power at the ship. What percentage of planetside ensigns on the away team have the Gorillas eaten?

  7. If Ripley has 5 full clips for her Pulse rifle. How many bullets does she have?

  8. If buying the Contact Fanzine costs £15 a year and it costs £1 a month to produce. How much is the monthly payment for P&P?

  9. 1 Tribble breeds another tribble every two minutes how many tribbles will there be if you leave one alone for 10 minutes?

  10. How many times do the numbers in Lost have to be entered onto the computer every day?