Loch Ness Monster Quiz

  1. In School Reunion Rose Tyler is impressed that Sarah Jane Smith met the Loch Ness Monster but what was the monster and who controlled it?

  2. What a Whopper was a 1961 film about faking Nessie sightings, starring Sid James and Adam Faith. Which well known Doctor Who writer wrote it?

  3. In which film was Nessie a navy submarine designed by Mycroft Holmes?

  4. Who starred in the 1996 film Loch Ness?

  5. Which well-known canine met the monster in 2004?

  6. Who wrote the book The Water Horse, which was adapted into the 2007 film The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep?
  7. In Stingray, which 3 members of WASP are sent to investigate the mystery of the Loch Ness Monster?

  8. In which series did the MacTout family have adventures with the creatures in Loch Ness?

  9. Where in World of Warcraft might you spot Nessy?

  10. In 1971 which trio travelled to Loch Ness to capture and bring back Nessie for the new monster house in London Zoo?