New, New Earth!

  1. On which Earth Colony was Jeffery Sinclair born?

  2. Which Colony is Tom Zerek from?

  3. On which Planet was Serenity when they took on Book and Simon as passengers?

  4. Which race became the ancestors of humanity when they and Arthur Dent and Ford Prefect crashed landed on earth?

  5. Who created the Genesis Project?

  6. Who ran the hospital on New Earth?

  7. Why was it a bad idea to form the Hadley's Hope Colony on Planet LV-426?

  8. Who transferred to a new Space Precinct after 20 years with the NYPD?

  9. Which TV series featured Devon Adair, as the leader of an expedition to found a colony on an earth-like planet, called G889.

  10. What was the name of the Klingon Penal Colony Kirk and McCoy were sent to in Star Trek VI?