The course of true love never did run smooth in Science Fiction!

  1. Sam Carter is nicknamed "The Black Widow" because most of her boyfriends died. Which one survived?
  2. In the original Battlestar Galactica, what was the name of Apollo’s wife who was killed by the Cylons?
  3. Which of Captain Kirk’s loves "must die"?
  4. Who travelled back in time and found his true love before being terminated?
  5. Who killed Daniel Jackson’s wife Sha’re?
  6. Which couple’s star crossed relationship is ended when he turns to the Dark Side
  7. In Blake’s 7 who fell in love with Anna Grant and was later betrayed by her?
  8. Which couple’s relationship in Buffy The Vampire Slayer, was brutally ended when one of them was shot?
  9. Who’s dinosaur loving husband was killed fighting the Reavers?
  10. Who is this? The mother of his son was murdered; he had a brief relationship with a fellow Starfleet officer and married another – who was also killed!


However, there can be happy ever after for some….

  1. Almost happy ever after – which couple had twenty years together before he died?
  2. Who got married in Bionic Ever After?
  3. Who stopped travelling with The Doctor to marry Professor Clifford Jones?
  4. Who are Imazadi?
  5. Which space rogue fought against the Empire and fell in love with a princess?
  6. Despite, many problems including wormholes, duplication, body swapping and a brain implant. Which couple finally managed to marry and have a son?
  7. Another couple that survived many things, including "death" before the happy ever after! She was a double agent, he worked for the CIA, but eventually they married and had two children. Who are they?
  8. Which series of films features the romance and later marriage of Rick and Evelyn as they fight the undead?
  9. Who was the survivor of The Dalek Invasion of Earth that Susan fell in love with?
  10. In which film do an earthling and a Thermian fall in love whilst stopping Sarris obtaining the Omega 13 device?


And often the outcome of romance is a child but most Sci-Fi children are not what they seem!

  1. In which Star Trek: The Next Generation episode did Deanna Troi have a baby?
  2. What was the name of the half-visitor/half human girl in V?
  3. Who was Vala’s half Ori daughter in Stargate SG-1
  4. Who was Richard and Lily’s daughter in The 4400?
  5. Her evil daughter Hope kills her best friend’s son Solan. Who are they?
  6. In which Gerry Anderson show was Sue Crawford’s child Jackie taken over by an alien – causing rapid growth?
  7. Son of 2 Vampires, he grew up in a hell dimension. Who is he?
  8. In Star Trek, which boy with strange powers was the sole survivor of the cargo vessel Antares?
  9. What was the name of Dana Scully’s son, who may have had paranormal abilities?
  10. Which John Wyndham novel was filmed as Village of The Damned?