Scottish Quiz

  1. Which 1954 film is about a magical Scottish village that only appears once every 100 years?
  2. Summerisle, a remote Hebridean island is the setting for which 1973 film staring Christopher Lee?
  3. Which Gerry Anderson series has an episode called The Trap set in a Scottish castle?
  4. Name the 5 Highlander films
  5. In 2013 film which Scottish city centre was transformed to look like the streets of Philadelphia?
  6. After which battle does the second Doctor first meet Jamie?
  7. In which series did Nick Cutter lead a team of military and scientists up against creatures that were out of their time?
  8. Hogwarts is "somewhere in Scotland" what is the name of the nearest train station?
  9. What was the name of the house where Queen Victoria was staying when The Doctor saved her from the werewolf?
  10. Which Sci-fi film staring Scot actor Seam Connery was released after Diamonds are Forever
  11. Which Scot wrote the Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?
  12. Which Scot was played by Richard Attenborough in Jurassic Park?
  13. In a 2007 an American survey declared which animated character to be the best identified Scotsman?
  14. The Culture Series of Books was written by which author?
  15. Who is the Scottish shape-shifting member of the X-men?
  16. Which Scottish author wrote The Lost World?
  17. Who did the Enterprise D rescue from the Dyson Sphere in 2369?
  18. Hollow Earth and Bone Quill are two novels co-written by which Scottish born actor who travelled for a time in the Tardis?
  19. Which Scottish actor has played Adolf Hitler 5 times, Heinrich Himler 3 times and was in 92 episodes of Grange Hill?
  20. Which Scottish actor known for his role in a 1960's US spy series and currently plays a chief medical examiner, released a number of albums including Music...A Part Of Me and Music...A Bit More Of Me?