Round 3 – Stargate SG-1 & Atlantis

What’s so special about Anubis?

What is a Harsisis?

What’s Teal’c’s home world called?
• Chulak?
• Dvorak?
• Damask?
• Ge’kari?

What’s Thor’s title?

What happened to Sarah shortly after Daniel's professor’s funeral?

Who are the four races mentioned in the episode ‘The Fifth Race’?

Who was the obnoxious scientist attracted to Sam Carter and later transferred to the Pegasus Galaxy?

What’s the nationality of the medical doctor on the Atlantis base?Scottish? • English? • Irish?• Welsh? • Serbian?

Which Simpsons voice actor appeared in SG-1?

What nickname does O’Neill refer to Martouf as?

What episode was the Stargate theme sung in?