Things that go bump in the night!


  1. Who was Jeff Randall’s ghostly partner?

    Marty Hopkirk

  2. What did the mayor of Sunnydale turn into during his Ascension?

    A snake demon

  3. What is the surname of the Supernatural hunting brothers, Dean and Sam?


  4. Which Organ did Tooms like to eat?

    The liver

  5. In which city does medium Allison Dubois live and work?

    Phoenix, Arizona

  6. What is the name of the Ghost who haunts Cordelia’ s Apartment?


  7. What was the name of Sir Robert MacLeish’s house where the monks took the werewolf host?


  8. What’s the name of the pub in Shaun of the Dead?

    The Winchester

  9. What’s a Code V?

    A Vampire (Ultraviolet)

  10. How did George die and become a Grim Reaper?

    She was struck by a toilet seat falling from the Mir Space Station