Time Travel

  1. Which technology enabled Marty McFly to travel back in time?

  2. In Time After Time, which notorious killer from yesteryear does HG Wells stalk across time?

  3. An answer phone message recorded in the future provides the catalyst for which brain-teasing time-travel film?

  4. Who travelled in time in the Time Tunnel?

  5. A solar flare throws SG-1 back to which year?

  6. Who is the first person that John Connor sends back in time to protect his mother?

  7. Whose friends were "Carrot" and Touchwood?

  8. What was the occupation of Tom, Sam Beckett’s First leap?

  9. Which Time traveller travelled back to 1980’s London and fathered his own Great-great-grandfather?

  10. Who travels back and from the 1990’s to wartime Britain and ends up with two wives?