London Underground Quiz

All the answers to these cryptic puzzles are stations on the current London Tube Map (2011), which includes London Overground and the Docklands Light Railway. A / indicates a new word

UK City/Shape = Leicester Square

Mediterranean Island = Cyprus

Animal/Plus/Ancient Monument = Elephant and Castle


Good Luck!

  1. Rotate/An Enterprise Captain/Country Road

  2. Doctor Who companion/Valley

  3. Character from Babylon 5

  4. Fictional School

  5. Omnipotent being/enclosed green spaces

  6. Star trek Next Generation Actor's first name/Angry

  7. Stargate Atlantis Lieutenant Colonel's woody plant

  8. Please look after this bear. Thank you.

  9. Queen who founded Torchwood

  10. American City where Fringe is set/large house

  11. Surname of Dan Brown's problem-solving hero/public open space

  12. Cemetery where Douglas Adams is buried

  13. Home of Sarah Jane Smith/New York theatre district

  14. Precious metal/Buck Rogers's birdman/thoroughfare

  15. Buffy's Vampire Lover