Weapons Quiz

Q1 What year was the BFG first seen and used

Q2 Name Jayne from Firefly most prized possession

Q3 Name the Blade/Rifle that Ka D'Argo uses in Farscape

Q4 What does PPG stand for

Q5 Where would you find the Roughnecks

Q6 In the first predator film one of characters wielded a minigun what did he call it

Q7 What does the Omega 13 do

Q8 What is the name of Judge Dredds side arm

Q9 What located in the centre of a lightsaber gives the blade its colour

Q10 What is the name of the gun from MIB that produces more firepower and recoil than it size would suggect

BQ1 We all know that Wolverine is weapon X so who is Weapon I