Christmas Quiz 2004

  1. Whose enemy was The Shredder?
  2. What was the 1995 Terry Gilliam Film, starring Bruce Willis?
  3. What was the Peter Jackson film, starring Viggo Mortensen?
  4. What was Tony Robinson's folklore sit-com?
  5. What was the 1987 Chick flick starring Patrick Swayze?
  6. Who plays Rose Tyler?
  7. What is the number of days, Frank B. Parker can go back in time?
  8. Who were Shirley, Keith, Laurie, Danny, Christopher and Tracy?
  9. Who were Sharon and Tracey of Chigwell ?
  10. Which 1978 film starred Richard Burton and Roger Moore ?
  11. Who played Mary in Wild West?
  12. Sam Beckett did a lot of this

What's the Christmas connection that links all the questions?