Christmas Specials

Q1 Who presented the Channel 4 alternative Christmas speech in 2004?


Q2. Too many Christmas Trees is an episode of which classic 60's series?


Q3. In Blackadder's Christmas special, who played the spirit of Christmas?


Q4. In the Dads Army Christmas special, My Brother And I. Who's long lost brother turns up?


Q5 How the Ghosts stole Christmas is an episode form which series?


Q6 In the Thunderbirds give or take a million. Which Tracy dresses up as Santa?


Q7. There were three carry on Christmas specials but which regular cast member did not appear in any of them?


Q8 In the Bottom episode Holy. What were the three gifts given to the baby?


Q9 In the Star Wars holiday special. What is the name of Chewbacca's son?


Q10 In the Absolutely Fabulous special, Gay, which guest star, plays Goldie?


Q11. Heroes and Villains, Modern Men and Time on our hands is a trilogy of which series?


Q12. In Channel 4's 1982 show The Curious Case of Santa Claus. Which former Docter Who played a New York psychiatrist?