Eleventh Doctor Quiz

Q1 In the story "The eleventh hour" the Doctor likes Fish fingers and Custard but what was the first item that we see him eat?

Q2 Alphabetically which Eleventh Doctor story comes first?

Q3 Who played Craig in the episode "The Lodger"?

Q4 Which story's Doctor Who Confidential was called "A brush with Genius"?

Q5 Who were Christian, Angelo, Marco and Bob?

Q6 Who wrote Victory of the Daleks?

Q7 Which episode was the first not to show the crack in time?

Q8 In "The Pandorica Opens" The Doctor takes Amy to Planet One to see the oldest cliff face in history so the TARDIS can translate writings that are written on them. What does the writings translate as?

Q9 According to The Doctor, what caused the Dream Lord to manifest himself?

Q10 In "The Big Bang" Who kills the stone Dalek?