Doctor Who - General Questions

  1. Toshiko Sato was a regular character in Torchwood but which Doctor Who episode did she appear in?
  2. What was the name of the spaceship in The Girl In The Fireplace
  3. What does LINDA stand for?
  4. In the Runaway Bride. Who is Donna going to marry?
  5. In Time Crash. Which Doctor appears along side the 10th Doctor?
  6. In the story The Christmas Invasion. The Sycorax controlled people with which blood type?
  7. Which episode is between The Age of Steel and The Impossible Planet?
  8. In The Shakespeare Code, what is the title of the play that was to be the sequel to Love’s Labour’s Lost?
  9. What is the name of Donna’s Mother?
  10. Which story would you find Cassandra, the Sisters of Plenitude, Chip and Metal Spiders?
  11. Which story is set in 1987?
  12. Who is the human genius who is in league with the Sontarans?
  13. In which story does the TARDIS materialise on Dame Kelly Holmes Close?