"Come with me if you want to live."

- Kyle Reese -


By Sue Griffiths

This was an all night Laser Tag event held in Kelvedon Hatch Nuclear Bunker – a museum that is also hired out for events… such as Armageddon. My first challenge took place the weekend before the game – trying to find the gear I would need for the event, and thanks to a stall in Colchester I was able to be dressed for the part in DPM 95s. The game started in the evening and went on until early morning – so another challenge would be staying awake! The storyline started off with war being declared, complete with announcements on the bunker radio system,

I am pleased to say that the game was brilliant! It was hard adjusting to the environment and getting myself into role playing mode to begin with but from then on it was physically and mentally challenging. I was role playing an RAF gunner with medic skills – not an easy thing to do in the circumstances as members of the base personnel kept coming down with mysterious and fatal illness which saw them come back to life not entirely feeling themselves… It was with the whole coming back to life thing that I proved that I could scream like a Doctor Who assistant when I was nearly grabbed by one of them!

My high point of the game was having the challenge of running into a zombie infested area, medic – ing two people and then finding my way back half blocked by a zombie who had been subdued and was lying right net to the door. He revived just as I was about to get to the door, went to grab me - and my reaction? I told him to p*** off – loudly! I then had to administer a shot to another zombie to combat the effects of whatever he had been affected by and nearly got grabbed – this time I was a little more polite and told him to go away! Having managed that, I made a mad dash for it the heck out of the area! Another nice touch was Dave being bestowed with a cricket bat – just the thing to keep zombies at bay, as Shaun of the Dead would testify!

The biggest challenge was staying awake all night, which was not as hard as I had thought it might be. However, I was very glad I had several cans of Red Bull with me and that my journey home wasn’t too far as I kept falling asleep at the station as I waited for my train!

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