"Who looks at a screwdriver and says "Oooh, this could be a little more sonic!"

- Captain Jack Harkness -Doctor Who - The Doctor Dances -

John Barrowman

By Sue Griffiths

I also attended an event that was a world apart from the Royal Society exhibition – that being going along to see John Barrowman perform cabaret at a Pizza on the Park in the Kensington area. When Janine and Dave invited me along, I just could not say no. Steve Steppens and Luke also went along with us, and the restaurant had made sure we had a decent table where Luke could have some space. We were at the side of the room, in a little raised area, which meant a great view of Mr Barrowman! I wouldn’t say the menu was mindblowing in its variety, but the garlic bread was superb and the pizza was OK. Oh, and the banana split I had was nice… followed by an Irish coffee (and I wonder why my jeans feel so tight these days…?)

I’d never heard of John Barrowman before he appeared in Doctor Who, and had no knowledge of his roles in musicals but was soon enlightened when he punctuated the songs he performed with anecdotes about musicals he had appeared in, his high points. Well, what can I say? He has one heck of a voice which did justice to the songs he sang – like Love Changes Everything Anything Goes, and Mrs Otis Regrets. He also had some amusing anecdotes regarding London getting the Olympics! He also mentioned being in Doctor Who and asked if anyone had seen it – I think he was in no doubt that Steve and Dave had seen it by their enthusiastic reactions! The evening was rounded off nicely when John Barrowman signed copies of his CD and autographs and took time out to chat to everyone.

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