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Loseley Medieval Festival

By Sue Griffiths

A little while ago, on 3rd June 2006, I turned up rather late to the pub for a LOTNA night and missed the first part of Dr Who as I had been out in the sunshine watching a medieval ousting event in Losely Park, Guildford! I went there with my brother and fellow LOTNA member, Richard, and had to get up earlier than I would usually on a Saturday but we still arrived in good time for the event.

The event itself, hosted by the Medieval Siege Society was geared around being family entertainment with the audience being encouraged to clap, cheer and make some noise, which added to the atmosphere. However, there was no lapse in the variety of entertainment available throughout the day which involved mediaeval music and demonstrations of combat on foot and falconry.

The jousting itself was not only exciting but also exciting with the way the knights raced towards each other with their lances poised for impact. Once again, the audience were encouraged to cheer them along – but it wore a little thin when the audience were also encouraged to clap their hands á la "We Will Rock You" style. I am sure one of the organisers had been watching A Knight’s Tale… That aside, the re-enactors put on a brilliant show – it was a very hot day yet they put on an impressive performance on horseback in armour taking part in jousts with long, rather evil looking lances and putting on a good show.

There was also a large variety of tents, stalls and stands selling anything from period costumes to toy bows and arrows for kids. I was able to go on a little spending spree, picking up a very period costume style suede bag and an earthenware goblet that is ideal for a large cup of coffee in the morning!

The event finished of with a demonstration of artillery, ranging from small, relatively quiet canons to a very large field piece which generated a very loud BANG indeed! The final event in the programme was a re-enactment of the War of the Roses that sadly Richard and I were unable to stay for as we hand to get our train, but it was still a varied and interesting day’s entertainment – and a little different from what I would usually attend.

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