"It's a fez. I wear a fez now. Fezes are cool."

- The Doctor -

LOTNA Review of 2010

by The Lee-Rudd Alliance

2010 was another great year for The League of the Non-Aligned, thank you to everyone who organized events and activities this year and thank you to everyone that came along and supported them.

Here are some of the highlights …

January was a month of firsts. Ed's book club had its first meeting and reviewed the excellent book Day of the Triffids which had been recently re-imagined for the BBC . Also we all met for the first time, thanks to Clare at The Centre Page, near St Paul's Cathedral.

February we did a range of activities the first of which was to contribute to the Guinness World Record on the Millennium Bridge. This was for the most people in Star Trek uniforms in one place. We also attended one of many Geek Night Outs, a comedy night devoted to jokes and more jokes targeted at geeks.

March was a important month as it marked the 13th anniversary of LOTNA, which is always something worth celebrating and once again the book club had another meeting focusing on Flash Forward another book which only so recently was adapted for TV.

In April after 3 months we decided to move away from the Centre Page and moved to the Mad Hatter with its tv screen, comfortable chairs and range of beverages. With warm weather finally arriving we were able to do much more ranging from going to comedy shows like The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppets and the return of the LOTNA writers' group.

May was not as eventful as the month before but we still had lots of fun and a new Doctor to watch together. The highlight of the month was the day out doing the great treasure hunt around the British Museum which had been organized by Kelly.

June the high point of this month was the long awaited trip to the BBC London studios, where on mass we all went on a tour a round the building. After the tour we did the first of the calendar photo shoots. Thanks to all the very patient "John Simms" who posed in the masks Tony provided for us.

July, some of us attended the Fitzrovia Radio Hour Show which acted as the catalyst for the the Christmas LOTNA Radio Play. We also enjoyed a very nice walk though parts of London while on the Doctor Who Walk. We also had another successful stand at LFCC. Thanks to all those that helped out and grabbed a few new members for us.

August, as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival came upon us we decided to warm up for the event and enable those who couldn't go to the Fringe got to see a small Doctor Who Play at the Camden Fringe which was enjoyed by all. The cinema trip to see Scott Pilgrim was so enjoyable we went a second time.

September, Tim and Corinne wrote their last LOTNA today but it was quickly picked up by Sue who produced her first one on September.

October was a very busy and active month, the members of Genesis Group visited us, Gianni organized an outing to Bletchley Park, we won some famous prizes at the Den of Geek Quiz and we attended The Sci-fi London Film festival showing of Monsters where we were treated to a preview clip of Tron Legacy and last but not least the renown LOTNA Auction was held where we raised loads of money for club funds.

November, some of our members took part in National Novel Writing Month, the challenge to write 50,000 words in 30 days, we had two winners Kelly and Caz. Also November will be remembered for another thing Dave's Mo!

December- The LOTNA Christmas party, our radio play, the annual visit from Santa and the unveiling of another fabulous calendar. Last but not least a trip to go see Tron Legacy in 3D at the IMAX, which was well worth the struggle through arctic conditions!

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