"I am fearful when I see people substituting fear for reason."

- Klaatu, The Day the Earth Stood Still -

Science Museum Lates - June 2011

by David Lee

On the last Wednesday of every month the Science Museum opens its door to the public from 6:45pm to 10pm. This month lates was focused around Climate change. Me Ed, Joe and Chris started the event by going to a presentation, the top 10 movies that use climate change as plot device (something like that). Though the content was a bit questionable. Aliens a film about climate change? Yes Aliens that film about big guns and equally big aliens. Next he'll include the Day the Earth Stood Still (next trailer playing was just that). Sigh…

Anyway content aside we enjoyed ourselves not just from the WTF moment during and after, seriously Aliens climate change… nah still not buying it. We enjoyed guessing the films from the footage that was being shown to us, mostly trailers. Not sure if I'm proud of my geekiness that I recognised Armageddon (2003) within five seconds of seeing the trailer, or overcome with shame.

LOTNA prime around the incredibly bright table

After we had finished we headed down; along with JR who had found us doing the presentation, to try our hand at the Science Museum's pub quiz.

Once again LOTNA Prime was ready to do battle with other geeks, the roster may change but like any good team we stick together. With our combined brainpower we answered many questions, battling the incredibly bright table (lit from inside), lucky the man with the pen had a pair of shades (Ed). However because we lacked knowledge surrounding soaps and sports, we were unable to correctly answer everything. A fact that we all agree is not a bad thing. ☺

All in all it was fun day out, boosted by the company of geeky mates, which only costs the price of a train ticket which ain't half bad (the event's free). To find out when the next Museum Lates will be please click here. We normally meet in the queue around 6pm so we'll get in nice and early and not miss any of the goodness.

More photos of June's SM Lates

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