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Anniversary Cake made by Corinne

Anniversary Parties

An evening of fun and games to celebrate another year of LOTNA

Our 15th Anniversary Party, March 2013

Our 11th Anniversary Party, March 2009

Our 10th Anniversary Party, 8 March 2008

Halloween Party Decorations

Halloween Parties

2013 Photos

2012 Photos

Clare gets her gift from Father Christmas

Christmas Parties

Christmas fun and a visit from a very special man!

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Other Parties

A Firefly Celebration Shindig 2007

Doctor Who Party July 2006 Photos Sue's report

Tony's 40th Birthday Party 28th January 2006

The Contact 100th Issue Party 22nd January 2005

The Contact Magazine

Tony Bailey produced The Contact monthly magazine for 11 years.

With contributions from many LOTNA members it was full of news and gossip, interviews, and reports on events plus fun stuff such as quizzes, a wordsearch and the monthly drabble challenge.

Though The Contact is no longer currently available, you can download and read some of the past issues in PDF format here…

Volume 10 April 2005 - March 2006

Volume 10 April 2006 - March 2007

Cult TV

LOTNA had a long association with the Cult TV Festival which held its last convention in 2007.

2006 Group


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Podcast Number 2 - 14th May 2007

Podcast Number 1 - 17th April 2007