"Cyber Leader: Daleks, be warned… you have declared war upon the Cybermen. Dalek Sec: This is not war. This is pest control."

- Doctor Who -

The LOTNA Doctor Who Evening

By Sue Griffiths

I really do not feel like I have been home much this month, as another of my outings was to the LOTNA Dr Who party. I was wondering what to wear and realised I had a brown suit, 3D glasses from the Royal Society’s open evening that looked the part, a pair of trainers – and I borrowed a tie from my brother to complete my outfit! J

When I got to the pub, Dalek racing was in full swing where you had to pilot a Dalek past various guises of Dr Who and then defeat a Cyberman and the Slitheen – and try not to cause the Emperor Dalek too much damage! I wouldn’t say I was the best at it but I would say that it was brilliant fun and that it took a bit of practice and a lot of concentration to ensure the Dalek didn’t fall off the edge of the table…!

Later on the evening, there was a quiz, in which I proved that I ‘m a bit of a novice on all things Who but I can at least write down the answers! I really liked the Pass the Parcel game Caz, Mark and David ran where I had to do not one but TWO forfeits – and had a good laugh doing both!

Oh… and of course we watched the last Dr Who episode of the season which made for good television on its own but when watched with a group of friends was even better. And given that I work in Canary Wharf, I found thoughts of the location for the battle between the Daleks and Cybermen pretty amusing given that I work in Canary Wharf itself…!

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