"McCoy: I'm a doctor, not an escalator!"

- Star Trek -

Chessington and Other Adventures!

By Corinne

Group in Waterloo
The Group at Waterloo Station

Walk like an Egyptian
Are you sure this is how SG-1 walk?

Dave  and Manuel
I told you no ice in my federation issue root beer.

Fight with inflatable toys
Chessington has stopped selling inflatable
weapons since the great Trekker/inflatable weapons riot of 1998.

Will at action man
Will gets a little jealous if someone looks at his Barbie Doll the wrong way.We found the Action Man experience at Chesington World of Adventure and Will had to show off his Macho side.

Guys in a goatee
Evil us visit the pub.
You can tell that they're evil by their goatees!

Nathan and lion

Starfleet Officers are trained to defend themselves from any danger that may present itself. O.K. it may not look dangerous but it looked at Corinne very suspiciously and that's good enough for us.

It was Mano a soft toy and only one had the skill, strength and intelligence to win …

Lion looking tough
The soft toy

The guys with Lara Croft
You just never know who you're going to bump into when you go for walk in the park!!!

Theatre group photo

We decided to make Chris Barie from Red Dwarf fame, feel welcome for his stand up comedy routine in Lewisham. Chris stopped in mid joke and just stared at us. Finally he snaps out of it and tells the theatre "There's a group of people down there with Hs on their foreheads". We had to take a bow. Technically though Tony Isn't a Hologram because he has a 'T'. Does that make him a telegram?

Group in telephone box

The answers to the age old question, How many Trekkers can you fit in a phone box.(9). I heard a group of sci fi fans got 325 people into a telephone box.They were later disqualified because they were actually using a police box!

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