"Rose: Hold on, if you're an alien, why do you sound like you're from the north?
The Doctor: Lots of planets have a north!"

- Doctor Who, Rose -

Doctor Who Exhibition Away Team - 9th July 2005

by Sue Griffths


I had to get up at 5.30 am to get to London Bridge on Saturday 9th July in time to meet everyone, but really did not mind. As much as that's not a nice time to be up in the morning, going to interesting events like that make it worth it. I still needed lots of coffee that day!

The exhibition featured an introduction to the various Doctors through the ages and their arch nemeses, and a revolving full size TARDIS with the costumes of both the latest Doctor and his assistant Rose displayed inside.

The exhibition also depicted a wheelie bin with a difference. When you opened the lid there was a TV inside showing the scene where Mickey gets swallowed by an Auton possessed bin. The most memorable part for me was seeing the Daleks in their various forms, although the Emperor Dalek was a little smaller than one might imagine. The space pig was present and correct in his little astronaut's costume as were the Slitheen.

It was fun to see the aliens and props used in Doctor Who first hand, and also to read the information boards that gave the inside stories on the characters and finer points of the episodes. It was also interesting to see the opening credits played in order at the start of the exhibition, as they gave an idea of how the style had changed throughout the years whilst still remaining consistent.

The exhibition was great fun to see – and it was cool to see it with a group of friends. So thank you, Caz, for arranging the trip – and thanks to Dave, too – for sorting us out with group tickets which were a few quid cheaper than the normal entry price!

Later in the day, we headed out for some food by the sea front, some of our group went paddling and then (for me, Dave and another Mark – nicknamed Plank) it was on to another event which took place in deepest Essex… Kelvedon Hatch to be precise…


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