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LOTNA Review of 2015

by Caz Rudd

What a year! We're been to see many movies, laughed at comedy shows, read the book club books, enjoyed several concerts and plays. We hung out at film premieres, conventions. and Science Museum Lates. Gathered for LOTNA Calendar shoots, "harmless fun" and played live action role play games. We partied, we quizzed, produced 5 issues of our fanzine the LOTNA'Verse and modelled our shiny new T-shirts!


The year started in The Hatter with our New Year's Eve party.

Voting for the greatest episodes poll opened.

The first meeting of the year started with one of our regular board game afternoons.

At the Geeks Inc Harry Potter Quiz Mark Madeley's team won. We went to several more of thier quizzes throughout the year.

Before the second meeting in January we got together to plan the year ahead. After the meeting several people went to and survived the Marvel all night marathon at the Prince Charles Cinema.


A couple of conventions this month, Picocon with Stuart Ashen leading the destruction of dodgy merchandise and several LOTNA members went to Redemption'15, the last one to be held in Coventry, a great weekend of geeky fun.

The first of the regular Monday movies meet ups started.


Sue and Dave took part in the From Croydon To Gallifrey show on Croydon Radio.

Our first film night was a screening of Search for Simon plus a Q&A with some of the cast and production crew.

We took a stroll around London's Doctor Who locations.

Another quiz this time organised by IGN for the movie Chappie.

We celebrated LOTNA's 17th, 150 years of Alice in Wonderland and 5 years of meeting in The Mad Hatter with a mad hatter's tea party. There was cake, quizzes and home made hats!

Steve announced the results of the episodes poll, with a multi-media big screen presentation.


We celebrated International Table Top Day with an extended gaming afternoon.

We assembled to see Avengers: Age of Ultron.


A Den of Geek movie quiz, though we came eight, we did win the art round thanks to Sue's Vote Kermit poster.

The main event of the month was Sci-Fi London, The fifteenth London Festival of Science Fiction and Fantastic Film.

Two teams from the ranks of LOTNA braved time travel. Time Run: An Escape The Room, then we witnessed Morgan & West's Utterly Spiffing Spectacular Magic Show.


This year sees the return of Star Wars to the big screen, we celebrated with a themed party the Revenge of the Sixth.


The Book Club read and discussed The Atrocity Archives by Charles Stross.

A team of hard working LOTNA members manned our stall at the London Film and Comic Con.


The Major event this month was the Nine Worlds convention, a whole weekend of geekiness!


A great evening when Paul Cornell visited us, he was a really interesting guest.

Doctor Who was back on the telly, of course we gathered to watch it in the pub!

Another successful LOTNA Auction, raising funds for the group this year with the added competition of a bargain hunt.


On the 10th anniversary of Joss Whedon's cult Sci-Fi film, we partied at the second Can't Stop the Serenity event.

21 October 2015, was the date when Marty Mcfly came to the future, we gathered to celebrate!

The historical records show that the Thermians attending the Klingon Banquet had a very enjoyable weekend.

We ended the month with our fantastic Halloween Party, brilliant costumes and lots of fun.


The nonimations for our next voting project, our Favourite Geekdom Movies opened.

The book club had a compare/contrast between Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch and London Falling by Paul Cornell.


The Christmas party, including the results of the 2015 LOTNA awards and the unveiling of the 2016 calendar. Sadly the special man in a red suit was unable to attend instead we had Doctor Horrible and the awesome Captain Hammer!

The month concluded with a visit to The Fitzrovia Radio Hour Christmas Special and the much anticipated new Star Wars Movie.

The year ended, the way it began at our New Year's Eve's party.

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