"You can't rewrite history. Not one line!"

- The Doctor -

History of the League of the Non-Aligned

Green Shirts at Cult TV 2004

In 1994, a friend of ours called Pat thought it would be a good idea to organise a group of people to have a day out around London in full Star Trek uniform.

Thus the away-teams were born - from a starting point of 7!

After a very silly and enjoyable time, Dave Baseley and Corinne Svoboda helped the away-teams evolve into a large group of regulars and friends.

LOTNA founders, Dave Baseley and Corinne Svoboda

To continue the fun they decided to find a welcoming pub and regularly meet up for a drink, a chat and the occasional video. (Poor Pat only lasted the first away-team!)

15 years and counting…
From our Anniversary Party in 2013, by Dave

10 Years of LOTNA
(1998-2008) by Dave

LOTNA Review of 2019

LOTNA Review of 2018

LOTNA Review of 2017

Yellow Shirts at Cult TV 2003

Our Historical Documents!

Our Stories, the complete list of all our stories, reviews and reports

Away Teams - fun days out

Our Productions, movies, audios, a panto, calendar and fanzine

On the 17 November 2008, LOTNA was featured in Jennifer Cox's column in The Metro

And more things we've got up to in the past!

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