"I have been falling… for 30 minutes!"

- Loki, Thor: Ragnarok -

LOTNA Review of 2017

by Dave Baseley


Ed ran the first meeting of 2017 as Janine and I were busy visiting Hobbiton and delivering a ring to Mordor.

Bianca ran a visit to an Adult Ball Pit

At the second Meeting Ray ran the quiz and showed off his amazing Dance Moves and T-Shirt based answer card. Ed ran the Book club with Carnacki the Ghost Finder by William Hope Hodgson.


Ed organised an outing to see Lego Batman

We had our annual general meeting before the first meeting of February where we decided or announced plans for 2017.

The first meeting was very busy with a large amount of first timers. Emmett ran a quiz which included his General Knowledge round. The round about your knowledge of Sci Fi Generals!

The next day we then inundated a number of LOTNA members at a showing at the Prince Charles Cinema of Tommy Wiseau's masterpiece "The Room". (Oh Hi Mark)

A group of LOTNA attended Picocon, the Imperial College Sci-Fi Society (ISCF)'s one day miniature convention

Bianca organised a visit to Decide-A-Quest at the Vaults Festival.

Simon ran the quiz for the first time on the last meeting on February.


We started March with a board games event thanks toSteve and Ed.

The first meeting saw another first quiz runner as Jason ran the quiz for the evening.

A brave team of LOTNA saved the world from the Sand Devils in Shaun and Helen's weekend LARP game based in the world of Doctor Who UNIT. This included a great story, incredible props, Helen's cooking, Steve blowing himself up and what happens at the campfire stays at the campfire (say no more Russ).

Mark Doney ran the quiz at the end of March including an audio round with songs form TV/Films.

To finish off the month a group of LOTNA attended the FCD convention at Telford meeting event guests such as Bruce Boxleitner, Claudia Christian and Robert Picardo.


April like March started with a board games afternoon followed by the first meeting where Shawn held an award ceremony from his game. Ed ran a quiz where most of us got at least one question right and cursory of Steve and his team Vicky, Dan , Jen Sue and Janine) we got the 2017 themed edition of LOTNA'verse which was ironically issue 17.

We had not one but 2 Cinema trips to Guardians Of The Galaxy 2.

The second meeting of April we watched Doctor Who live on the BBC Broadcast at the Mad Hatter

Steve ran a International Table top day at the Hatter which I understand was London's main event for the Will Wheaton's event with eight hours of board gaming here.


Sci Fi London film festival. A number of us visited the Sci Fi independent film festival form the end of April to the beginning of May. Over a 10 day period some of us watched up to 26 features of Sci Fi before it hits cinema release...or DVD release... or Netflix... or never to get be released.

Bianca organised a visit to the Adams Family Muscial.

The first meeting of May saw Doctor Who being screened live from the BBC.

We had the first of the LOTNA LARP one day games from David Rowley where the SG team had to face down replicators including a Queen of every replicator...mate.

Last meeting of May was the celebration of LOTNA's anniversary. We had Michael Keating form Blake's 7 fame join us thanks to Mark Rudd and a battleship based quiz from our dancing quiz master Ray as well as a great episode of Doctor Who to watch.


A group of LOTNA members attended Lazlaricon a HHGTTG convention.

The first meeting of June had Kate from 9 Worlds visit us to talk about her event. We also watched Doctor Who live.

The second LOTNA one day LARP game form David Rowley showed dancing villagers, a Wraith and evil experiments being conducted by a shadowy organisation.

The last meeting of June had Doctor Who and Ed ran his quiz from Sci Fi London.


We started July with Mark Doney's Star Wars Party which included MC Jackson Skywalker laying down some beats. We also watched the last episode of the season's Doctor Who.

Bianca organised a group to go to a Game of Thrones comedy night.

The first July meeting was a social night.

Ed organised trips to see Spider-Man Homecoming and War of the Planet of the Apes.

David Rowley ran the 3rd installment of his Stargate LARP series where the team gets captured in an alternative reality.

The last meeting of July saw a quiz I think from Jossman?


Jackson organised an outing to see Valerian and the City of a thousand Planets.

A large number of LOTNA members attended 9 Worlds where I understand they had a lot of fun pretending to be Lemmings.

We had a special guest the creator of Killer Bunnies, Jeff Bellinger who ran a quiz for us on the first meeting of August which went down very well.

Ed organised an outing to see our friends the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre as well as a trip to see Warning From Space.

The last meeting in August was run by Bianca who ran a board game evening.

This was because we ran our first four day LOTNA LARP event Invasion. LOTNA members ran 7 games over the weekend which included moments such as Steve following the players with a timer display counting down to certain doom. A Predator ripping Russell's heart out. An Alien jumping Sian from behind. The loudest Bounty Hunters in the 'Verse. Marcus, King of the Battle Royal. The friendly forest villiage killing Helen to summon the Dark Lord to destroy the players. And of course drinks by the open fire in the evenings. Special thanks to Steve for his B5 game, David Rowley for his Firefly game, Russell for organising the Battle Royal and Kelly who built a lot of props in a little time, ran a Stargate game, built the fire's helped with the BBQs and was generally the Queen of f***ing everything... mate.


A group of LOTNA members went to see Master Filmaker Tommy Wiseau's new film "Best Friends".

We had the year's fundraiser raising funds for the year. Thanks to everyone who donated items, bought items ad Janine for all her work behind the scenes and Clare for help on the day. In the evening Jason ran a quiz for us.

David Rowley ran the last one day LARP game for his Stargate series. This featured the confrontation between the SG team and the evil Trust in their search for Pandora's box.

The last meeting in September saw a quiz from none other than me. I understand some people got a question right somewhere. We also saw the time travel issue LOTNA'Verse, the first issue since the Emmette -Jen team took over the editor roles.


We had a board game afternoon before the First LOTNA meeting of October which saw Steve's farewell quiz with his famous "Backwards theme tune " round.

The last meeting saw our Haloween party where Santa ran a quiz for us... I mean Jackson


Jessica organised a group to see "Thor: Ragnorock".

Again Ed and team ran a board game afternoon before the first meeting. The meeting was taken over by hosting an evening with the wonderful Patricia Tallman organised by Tony.

Dave Parsons ran a feindish Doctor Who quiz at the end of November.


We went to see the Oscar nominated film "The Disaster Artist", The Proper Hollywood Movie about the making of Tommy Wiseau's "The Room".

In December we also ran the Christmas Party, Santa visited us and we unveiled the 2018 LOTNA calender!

I want to thank everyone who helped organise, run or attend any of these events. I especially want to thank Janine who spends most events on the door welcoming new faces which can be a lonely thankless task. This club is only as good as the people who contribute and attend. I would like to raise my glass one last time to everyone here and everyone who has attended in 2017 as we could not do any of this without everyone.

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