"To the Enterprise… and to absent friends."

- Captain Kirk, Star Trek Beyond -

LOTNA Review of 2016

by Dave Baseley


New Years Eve Party where we played the Buffy version of Werewolves.

Cinema screening of Sherlock on New Year's Day.

Board games meeting followed by our first meeting of the year with a quiz from Steve.

Before we had our second meeting of January we had a meeting for those interested in organising items through the year. This was where the idea of the very first LOTNA con was borne.

We also organised Science Museum Lates and an IMAX trip to "The Film" Star Wars The Force Awakens".


We had 2 meetings here at The Mad Hatter who welcomed back "Commander Jackson" form his travels and the joint quiz from Baseley and Baseley.

Steve ran not 1 but 2 Board game parties.

Bianca organised a romantic dinner and a movie at the O2 watching the soppy film Deadpool.

We had a trip to the MMORPG show.

The Book club discussed The Adventures of Luther Arkwright by Bryan Talbot.

We watched Bladerunner at the BFI IMAX and attended a Star Trek talk about how the show can relate to the real world.

Destruction of dodgy merchandise was witnessed at Picocon.


We had a group attend the Oxford Comic Con based near Mark Doney.

Steve organised a board game afternoon.

Ray took the quiz duties for the first meeting.

This month's film outing was to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

For the Second Meeting of the month we were joined by Babylon 5 actresses Claudia Christian and Patricia Tallman.


We attended a geek friendly concert with our good friend Marian Call and Helen Arney.

We took a cinema trip to see Big Trouble in Little China.

Steve organised a board game afternoon and London's International Board Game Day meeting at the Hatter.

We attended another Science Museum Lates.

Bianca organised a trip to see the War of the Worlds.

Ed ran a quiz for the first meeting and we may have had a social night for the last.

At the end of April Sci-Fi London started where we started with an IMAX showing of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

May (The stress month)

We started off with Lunch and a Civil Movie. Yes that means we went to see Captain America 2.

Sci-Fi London was in full swing with a highlight being "This Giant Papier Maché boulder is actually really heavy" who we met the star and director.

1st meeting -14th May It was on... like LOTNACON. We showed the LOTNA movie the X-Spoof, Bianca and Johanna ran a quiz, we were visited by Katy Manning, we had a video quiz form Kelly and Ed announced his movies poll results. We then topped that off with live geek comedy from Rob Deb, Paul Gannon, Richard Sandling and Patrick Casey.

We played the first of the LOTNA LARP laser tag games where UNIT found themselves attacked by Autons before things became rather odd as if something was wrong in time. The survivors of UNIT took shelter in the Doctors TARDIS where it activates and they themselves lost in time and space!


4th June Mark D ran a Star Wars Party where we heard MC Jackson putting down a beat!

Liz ran her first quiz on the first meeting of the month after Steve ran a board game afternoon.

The UNIT team found themselves on a futuristic planet where an inquisitive archaeologist found a tomb with some silver cybernetic men inside.

Ray took up the challenge again by running a quiz for the second meeting in the month.


Steve ran a board game afternoon before the 1st meeting of the month.

A 70mm screening of Aliens was attended by members.

Several members went to the world's biggest Star Wars Event, Star Wars Celebrations.

Ed ran a discussion on the book club book The Martian by Andy Weir.

The UNIT troops found themselves in a forest where the inhabitants were being threatened by a mining corporation who wanted to mine under their village. As if that wasn't the beloved commanding Officer had been taken by a mysterious figure.

The last meeting in July was a social night. Let's face it we could do with the rest.

Mark Doney ran Crisis for the LOTNA teams with scenarios form Kelly and David R. Mwa, Mwa it was fun Eeeeee.

We did not have a table at LFCC this year however a bunch of LOTNA found themselves at the event to enjoy it for themselves.


There was a LOTNA cinema trip to see Suicide Squad.

Nineworlds clashed with the first meeting of the month where several members attended the event. I ran a quiz for the night, which started debates about the correct answers.

UNIT found themselves on a world filled with the walking dead. A group of survivors seem to be another UNIT team that was thought dead from an experiment from the Player teams scientific advisor.

August featured our annual fundraiser, which would set us up for another year of activities for 2017. This was all before the last meeting of August.


We celebrated the 50th anniversary of Star Trek with a Star Trek night and a Trek quiz from myself.

We also had groups see Nichelle Nichols at the BFI

A Group of us attended the 10th Klingon Banquet where the proceeds went toward McMilian Cancer support. There may have been Klingon drinking of tequila shots involved.

UNIT caught up with a Sister of Khan who informed them that something had broken time and time's champion was not able to fix it. The crew needed to capture a timelord to pilot the TARDIS back to their own time! When they did this they found they were left a half-hour before the 1st game. Can the players avoid their previous selves and save the day?


We attend the Star Trek Convention in Birmingham.

We had our 2 meetings of the month with a quiz from Steve and a social evening.

We had the Halloween party run by Sue. Great costumes from the attendees, a fun game from Ed and a quiz from Pete and Allan.

Daniel ran a tabletop RPG day with 2 games played from the Star Wars world.


Book club was The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August by Clare North run by Ed.

Steve and Jossman put on excellent quizzes and games for our evenings.

Steve and his team unveiled the latest LOTNA'Verse, a Star Trek special.


Our Christmas party, secret Santa and the reveal of the LOTNA Calendar!

Cinema trips to see Star Wars Rogue One.

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