"The Truth is Out There"

- The X-Files -

The X-Spoof

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We decided we could do a better job at making realistic Sci-Fi than all those amateurs in America, so we got together and created The X-Spoof.


Agent Doner Scrummy and Foxy Smolder are called upon by their secret informant Deep Voice.

dr nasty

Once there they are told the arch villain Dr Nasty has created a Zappo gun with alien technology.

dr nasty

Dr Nasty finds Deep Voice and kills him with his Zappo gun.


Meanwhile Smolder and Scrummy are at one of Smolder's "alien hang out zones".


After a run in with "Broccoli aliens" the agents feel the world is safe again but …


Dr Nasty finds our heroes and tries to zap them.


After an intense and exciting battle Smolder finally manages to defeat the evil Dr Nasty and save the day.


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